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Ziboxan® RD xanthan gum

      Ziboxan® RD xanthan gum

      Deosen’s new Ziboxan RD xanthan gum was designed mainly to solve speed and dispersion problems.  During hydration of the xanthan gum, dispersion speed and hydration rates are critically important.  Generally, the smaller the granule of xanthan gum, and the faster the hydration process and the slower is the dispersion.  Larger xanthan gum granules disperse quickly, but need more time to hydrate.  Deosen’s new RD-type xanthan gum is an excellent solution to this problem. When RD is dissolved in water, it rapidly disperses -- swelling the water completely.  RD significantly accelerates the hydration rate and improves the utilization of xanthan gum to avoid the formation of micelles, saving dissolution time and improving production efficiency.


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