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Ziboxan® SN xanthan gum

      Ziboxan® SN xanthan gum

      Xanthan SN is mainly used in flavored milk and fruit drinks,  Xanthan gum has been used in these application as a result of consumer demand for increased quality in both flavored milk and fruit beverages.   A xanthan molecule is the side chain of many cellulose linear structures.  When dissolved in water, xanthan gum suspends very efficiently and maintains high viscosity at low concentrations in aqueous solutions.  Xanthan gum can replace CMC in flavored milk and fruit beverages, thereby reducing costs. Also xanthan gum has good thixotropic or pseudoplastic flow, based on these characteristics.  Xanthan gum, is also resistant to acid, alkali and oxidation and can stabilize the low acidity colloid system of juice-milk drinks for a longer shelf life.


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