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Ziboxan® 9290 xanthan gum

      Ziboxan® 9290 xanthan gum

      In cosmetics and soap detergents, Xanthan allows the product to spread rapidly and be absorbed, leaving the skin feeling smooth;

      In shampoo and hair care products, xanthan gum has a suspension stabilizing effect and can increase the foam;
      In the facial mask, because of its good adhesion and high static viscosity, Xanthan makes the mask easier to adhere to the skin, and it makes it easier to peel off.

      In the application of medicine, [pharmaceuticals], xanthan gum acts as a stabilizer, a suspending agent and emulsifying agent.  Xanthan may be used in a variety of pharmaceuticals, such as the emulsifier used in vitamins to avoid delamination due to temperature-induced movements.  Xanthan gum is soluble in cold water and is easy to prepare as a thickener.  Xanthan gum is used to make tablets, to lengthen the contact time of other additives.


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