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      Thirty years have passed since Deosen began it’s  operations in 1992.  Throughout the years, the company adhered to the conceptof “people-oriented biotechnology”and as a result has gained fame both domestically and abroad.  The Deosen staff is committed to this and is continuously making efforts as they believe Deosen is the pioneer in the hydrosol industry.

      At this time, let us review the past thirty-odd years.

      November, 1992--- Shandong Zhongxuan Corporation Ltd. was established

      December, 1992--- China’s first large-scale production line of xanthan gum went into operation

      July, 1997--- xanthan gum in “zhongxuan” brand went into American market

      2001---Deosen annual output of xanthan gum reached 6000 tons, one of the top three in the world

      September, 2002--- Zibo Deosen thermoelectric project went under construction

      2002--- Deosen developed the large-tank (250m³) fermentation technique, which substantially improved xanthan gum production and quality

      2003--- Deoson participated in the drafting and formulating of GB13886-2007 national standard of xanthan gum
      2003--- Deosen registered Ziboxan® and Zibozan® brands in 33 countries and regions around the world    

      December, 2003--- Deosen established its branch office in America

      July, 2005--- Deosen Biochemical Ltd. was established

      2008--- Deosen factory in Shandong produced 42,000 tons of xanthan gum, becoming the first producer of this large quantity in the world

      February, 2010--- Inner Mongolia production facility (Ordos Deosen Biochemical Ltd.) was established

      August, 2014--- Inner Mongolia production facility completed the production lines and began to produce 48,000 tons of xanthan gum annually

      By the end of 2014, Deosen Biochemical Ltd. achieved the total productive capacity of 72,000 tons of xanthan gum.  Deosen products are varied and used in many areas, including the following industries: food, cosmetics, medicine, oil drilling, and building materials.. The company has become a leader in the xanthan gum industry in China, and earned international approval. Deosen products now have the greatest market share in the domestic China market, and 75 percent of Deosen products are exported.

      Future belongs to Deosen, brilliance knows no bounds!


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