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      In regard to environmental protection and sustainable development, Deosen adheres to “market-based development, and environment-oriented survival”, and makes sound useresources and protects the environment.  The company invests 40 million Yuan each year in environmental construction to meet pollutant discharge standards. Deosen also has an advanced anaerobic processor, which cultivates high-quality and efficient anaerobic granular sludge, applicable to treat organic wastewater with high concentration of all kinds.  Every year, over 5000 tons of granule sludge is produced, bringing an annual profit of more than 15 million Yuan. In 2014, in order to achieve zero effluent discharge, Deosen developed ozone decoloration+ ultra-filtration+ reverse osmosis intensive treatment technology to recycle water.

Environment protecting objectives:

100% solid waste classification and disposal;

Standard noise emission;

Standard exhaust gas emission;

Zero emission of waste water.


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