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Inner Mongolia base

      On February 9th, 2010, Deosen Biochemical Ltd. established the first wholly-owned subsidiary in Inner Mongolia Dalad economic development zone, Ordos Deosen Biochemical Ltd., with 500 million Yuan registered capital and 4 billion Yuan planned total investment, covering 1692 mu.  The company plans to build a world-class hydrosol production base facility in two phases.  In the first phase, the corporation plans to produce 48,000 tons of xanthan gum per year and initiate the supporting program.  In ; in the second phase, the company aims to take 8 years to achieve the upstream and downstream projects to produce 52,000 tons of gellan gum, pectin and other biogum.

      Since the company started production, it has passed many internationally accredited quality standards, like ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC, HALAL and Kosher.  Moreover Additionally, it has won many honors, such as “Inner Mongolia High-tech Enterprise”, “Enterprise Technology Center Accredited by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region”, “Inner Mongolia Key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industrialization”, “Dalad Banner Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Advanced Unit in Human Resource Cultivation of the Development Zone” and “Exemplary Grassroots Party Organization of the Development Zone”. 

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phone: 0533—7211374

Corporate headquarters:89, An’ping Road, Linzi District, Zibo, Shandong Province


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